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Invention is the Talent of Youth, As Judgement is of Age

What follows is a blog post from VC Lisa Suennen, with whom I do work with the AARP.  I have been lucky enough to serve as head coach for the AARP Health Innovation@50+ Live Pitch program twice—last week in Las Vegas and last year in New Orleans.  The event was conceived by the AARP innovation team, spearheaded [...]

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Health 2.0 innovation demoed at Rice

Fellow Health 2.0 Houston co-founders Fred Trotter and Ashish Patel joined me today to visit Jan Erik Odegard, Ph.D. at Rice University’s Visualization Laboratory.  Fred and Ashish demonstrated their DocGraph/PATCH product on the big screen – a 50 million record data set of the entire Medicare referral database. Not Only Development is a Houston based [...]

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Round 2: AARP LivePitch in Vegas

  It’s back, and it’s bigger than ever.  Last September AARP did their first Health Innovation@50+ LivePitch contest in New Orleans and had 80 companies apply to compete (see my write up at Health 2.0 News “It’s all about mom and a talking dog”).  This Spring the AARP announced it would be holding its 2nd [...]

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Doctors, Social Media and Shiny Objects

From Houston’s “Doctor_V” – Most presentations to physicians on social media don’t do the job that they should be doing. They focus on the medium rather than what the medium can bring. They focus on tools rather than the value offered by tools. The audience only sees the shiny object.

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Welcome to my “place” on the Internet

Welcome to my place on the Internet! This is where you can always contact me, and it’s where I blog about the projects in which I am involved. As of this post, there are three projects to which I have an annual commitment: Seniors In Touch, Health 2.0 Houston, and a new undertaking with University General Health [...]

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